Saturday, December 31, 2016

And Just Like That! 2017 Has Arrived.

Am I the only one who thinks that 2016 flew by in an unprecedented blur? I have no doubt that the year was fast in some areas and excruciatingly slow in others. Regardless, we each had our year to make a difference, and I hope you are happy with how yours went.

I will practice what I preach and make today’s blog post brief and clear. I hope that the upcoming year is a great one for you, and I hope that it offers you opportunities to do what you want or need to do, to experience joy and happiness, and to live life to the fullest.

Once again, I am requesting ideas for upcoming blog posts. If you have a question or topic suggestion that’s related to my blog, email it to me at I will schedule it for a future post and give you my thoughts and opinions. For everyone who submits a question or topic idea until January 31, I will enter your name into a random drawing. I will offer one lucky person complimentary copy editing of a document, website, or online professional profile, such as one on The recipient’s name will be kept confidential along with those who submit questions or suggestions. No one will be placed on an email list.

If you have a friend or colleague who may have a question or idea, please forward to them my blog’s website,, and give them an opportunity to send me their comments.

Have a great January, send me your questions for the contest, and please bookmark my blog for easy reference. Happy New Year!

Randall Ponder, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA        @randallponder
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