Monday, October 31, 2016

Constant Communication

The past two years have been a period of overcommunication in the political world, and I believe most of us are weary of the presidential election in the United States. I must briefly address what many of us have gone through over recent months. And months. And months.

Most situations at work or home require a healthy amount of communication—not too much, not too little However, we have endured an abnormal environment during the current presidential election season in which we have been repeatedly subjected to the candidates’ policy positions, attacks on others, and unprecedented allegations of personal and workplace misconduct. For the most part, the citizens have been given an opportunity to express what is on their minds and channel their energies to their candidate of choice. Nevertheless, we have had overabundance of rhetoric and less-than-ideal communication.

Then there is the question of whether all of this communication has been successful or effective. We could spend all day talking about that.

Here we are—one week before our national election. I suppose we will continue to hear a significant amount of verbosity from the two major candidates, those who support them, and the media. I am as exhausted from all of this as many of you probably are, but I ask you to hang in there and make a good decision when you vote for your national, statewide, and local candidates.

In this election, too much is at stake at the international, national, and local levels. We must do our best to thoughtfully vote for those people we think will solve the inevitable challenges that will arise over the next two to four years.

Please remember to fulfill one of your highest communication obligations during the upcoming week: Send your message by voting.

I hope November goes well for you, contact me if you have any questions, and please bookmark my blog for easy reference.

Randall Ponder, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA        @randallponder

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