Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Looking for Questions to Answer

Here we are at the year’s halfway point, and I hope most things are going your way. Even if you’re having challenges or difficulties, it’s true what others say: Things will get better and work themselves out.

One thing that I am proud of is this blog. Through it, I’ve been able to express some ideas that have been on my mind about grammar and communication, and I’ve been able to communicate with many of my readers. I have also decided on some topics to write about for the rest of the year and beyond. Despite that, I seek your help. And in a nod to my October 18, 2015 post below, I am looking for some questions.

I want to shake things up a little by getting your ideas and suggestions. That is, what would you like me to write about for the rest of the year? In the areas of grammar or communication, what’s been on your mind?

The reason I want your thoughts is simple. You are my readers, and you are the only reason I write this blog. I thought it would be useful to all of us, therefore, to seek out those questions to which you want answers.

Here is my proposal and incentive to you. If you have a question or topic suggestion that’s related to my blog, email it to me at I will schedule it for a future post and give you my thoughts and opinions. For everyone who submits a question or topic idea until July 31, I will enter your name into a random drawing. I will offer one lucky person complimentary copy editing of a document, website, or online professional profile, such as one on The recipient’s name will be kept confidential along with those who submit questions or suggestions. No one will be placed on an email list.

If you have a friend or colleague who may have a question or idea, please forward to them my blog’s website,, and give them an opportunity to send me their comments.

There it is. I seek what’s on your mind, and in return, I will thank you by commenting on your question or topic as well as offering one person a copy edit from me.

Thanks for your time today, I look forward to hearing from you and your friends, and please bookmark my blog for easy reference.

Randall Ponder, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA        @randallponder

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