Friday, December 18, 2015

Top-10 Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn

I read an article from "Business Insider" that lists the top-10 overused buzzwords that LinkedIn users have in their profiles. It's an interesting list, and I will let you decide if you have these words or not—and whether the words need to be changed.

In my opinion, authenticity, accuracy, and precise communication are the best approaches. If the word applies to your skills and background, use it; just don’t overuse it again and again in your profile. I use a couple of these words in my LinkedIn profile, and I am not changing those couple of words because the words are accurate. Here goes a portion of the article:

The No. 1 overused buzzword last year across LinkedIn profiles globally and in the US was "motivated."

If you want your profile to stand out in 2015 (per Business Insider, not necessarily per me), avoid these overused words and phrases at

1. Motivated  

2. Passionate

3. Creative

4. Driven

5. Extensive experience

6. Responsible

7. Strategic

8. Track record

9. Organizational

10. Expert

Randall Ponder, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA       @randallponder

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